Kevin + Kevin Juice

MGBA created a fun, inspiring, and ‘instagram-able’ space at Kevin and Kevin Juice that featured morning coffee to late-night cocktails.

Outdoors, inside

This playful park concept was inspired by forms explored in early schematic planning and our client’s desire for suspended seating and plant-life aplenty. Elements found in urban outdoor spaces and environments were incorporated within every detail, material, and fixture revealing a lively, whimsical design narrative.

Our team worked with Pacific Solutions Contracting to construct this space from concept to reality.

Concrete was incorporated throughout, referencing materials found in a city park.

Artwork by Scott Sueme depicts abstract, graffiti inspired designs.

Lighting references weather patterns, the “rain” chandelier at the entry (Studio Italia “Nano”) and the “cloud formation” (Bocci)

Hanging cocoon chairs and small nooks create ‘hideaways’ for remote workers and those looking for a cozy space to hang. 

As the foliage throughout the spaces mature, it will engulf the mesh surrounding the exposed columns creating “trees”. Biophilic design elements were intentionally incorporated, not only compliment the concept, but are reflective of the fresh and lively health-oriented menu offerings, creating a cohesion between the operational aspect and the space itself.