Christine Sinclair Centre Childcare Facility

The Christine Sinclair Childcare Centre is a playful, whimsical haven designed to ignite the imagination and nurture the growth of young minds. Situated around the back of the lively community centre, the facility offers a protected space connected to an undulating landscape with towering trees.

Upon entering, children are greeted by an animated play space with a collection of play structures, art tables, and activities. Blending whimsy with functionality, acoustic panels in the shape of clouds and leaves are suspended throughout, simulating an extension of the outdoor landscape into the interior.

The main play area features soft, wood finishes and structures where children can engage in imaginative play. Natural light enters the activity area through generous glazing, filling the space with shadow and movement.

For moments of quiet time and reflection, the facility offers a nap room with gentle lighting to create a calming atmosphere where children can unwind.

Outdoor play is an integral part of the space, where a thoughtfully crafted wooden play structure presents ample opportunities for children to climb, swing, and slide. With the addition of a sandbox, discovering hidden treasures is just another part of the day-to-day at this childcare centre. 

The sub-consultant team, consisting of Smith and Andersen, RJC, and Aplin Marten and contractor, Holaco Construction, worked together to develop this project.

Adding whimsy and a sense of play, acoustic panels are shaped like leaves and clouds throughout.