Our Values

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At MGBA, we have clients, not projects. Our clients are the true owners of their projects, while we serve as their collaborative partners, deeply invested in their success. Seeking kindred spirits, MGBA aims to broaden our client network with those whom our ethos and zeal for construction and design align. A successful partnership with a client extends beyond individual projects; it spans years and numerous projects over the lifetime of our working relationship.
In addition to our client alliances, we cultivate and maintain relationships with exceptional engineers, landscape architects, planners, project managers, contractors, and other design professionals to bring our clients projects to fruition. Through nurturing a diverse and curated network of support across Canada, spanning various sectors, we continually enrich our collective knowledge and skill set, ensuring unparalleled excellence in our work.
In our ongoing pursuit to nurture strong connections, we are committed to cultivating a positive work atmosphere and aspire to be recognized as the leading architectural firm, not to just collaborate with, but to be part of. Our approach to recruitment transcends mere skill assessment; it focuses on the alignment of values and culture add. Our goal is to have people join MGBA with the hope of developing a lifetime partnership with our team, while fostering a workplace that promotes continuous learning, diverse experiences, and varied project work to continually challenge all of us.
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At MGBA, a team-centric ethos defines our approach to all design endeavors. We prioritize collaboration over individual pursuits, recognizing that our success is rooted in our cohesive effort across all projects undertaken by our firm.
Embracing a culture of attentive listening and perpetual learning, we eagerly immerse ourselves in all facets of the design and construction world.
Our entire staff is organized into a series of smaller teams, led by individual senior staff members. Each team is responsible for the entire life of a given project, from initial concept to final construction. Our team model at MGBA ensures continual client contact from project initiation to completion, providing clients with a personalized and consistent design service akin to that of a boutique firm. However, we stand apart as we are a wide cooperative of numerous teams across MGBA, giving us broad collective knowledge and offering a deep well of experience to draw from.
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Our firm is committed to establishing a legacy that surpasses the tenure of its founders and current team members. Through continuous refinement of our internal management and professional development systems, MGBA strives to cultivate a lasting architectural practice. We aim to create an environment where newcomers can apprentice and eventually assume leadership roles, ensuring the enduring vitality of our organization for generations to come.

Our legacy is both a reflection of our values of relationships and cooperation, as well as result of them.