Integrated Sustainable Practices

Our teams live and work in areas across Canada, creating projects that impact the environment and lifestyles of local communities. 

Our team works tirelessly to include sustainable methodologies and building practices throughout all phases of a project. Collectively, we believe that the environment we author our projects in is as important as any other stakeholder, which is why we take every measure to consider the impact of our design and find ways to minimize it as much as possible.

We specify low VOC and building finishes that are designed for durability and longevity, while still allowing for future modification and upgrade. The selection process is important – it reduces waste, ensure easy recovery and repurposing or recycling of materials when upgrades or reconfiguration are required.

We consider highly efficient and robust products and materials to be used in our projects, which yields lower operating costs for building owners and increased efficiency resulting in lower environmental impact. 

Our office is LEED accredited, and has two certified projects, and one project currently in the works pursuing LEED 4.0 Gold Certification. Our staff also fulfills projects according to the requirements of the Correctional Services Canada Green Building Design Checklist. 

As a LEED Accredited office, we take pride in our ability to assist in the distillation of a sustainable strategy to project delivery, whether driven by the goal of LEED Certification or simply a desire to pursue the financial and environmental benefits of a sustainable approach.

Our practice of sustainability extends to our office life as well – we have included dual flush toilets to reduce wastewater and occupancy sensors and daylight sensors are utilized to control the artificial lighting in our space.  

Our office is located within walking distance of many different streams of public transportation, is located on a bikeway and has safe storage for staff bicycles in our office space. We also provide a shower for those who commute by bicycle.