Corporate Profile

Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture (MGBA) is an integrated architecture and interior design firm that specializes in the client experience. From start to finish, projects involve senior-level staff, a consistent point of contact, and a collaborative relationship-based approach.

Founded in 2005, MGBA has extensive experience in both Western and Eastern markets producing ground-breaking work in several sectors: retail, commercial, hospitality, industrial, institutional, and master planning. MGBA has offices in Vancouver and Victoria and additional personnel located throughout Canada. All teams work collaboratively to provide Interior Design and Architectural Services for national brands and corporations across Canada.

Our team represents a unique synthesis of professional design, project management, and technical experience in a complete range of project types, small and large. MGBA commits to direct senior staff involvement at all project stages, ensuring continuity and consistency in approach and delivery. We pride ourselves on creating a culture defined by open collaboration and integration. Our agile operations and established relationships with consultant teams allow us to bring the right expertise on board as projects evolve.

Clients enjoy our personalized approach as they work with specific individuals but receive the expertise and support of many professional Architects, Interior Designers and Architectural Technologists.

While we’ve grown in number and project size over the years, our focus on producing work at a high level of quality hasn’t ever wavered. We let our work speak for itself: when you walk into one of our buildings, you can sense our commitment to excellence and our attention to detail.

MGBA offers a comprehensive suite of architectural, interior design, and project management services, including:

  • Architectural design from initial concept right through to construction
  • Interior design from initial concept through to construction
  • Building programming services, including strategic planning
  • Building assessment and reporting services
  • Master planning and site planning services
  • 3D modeling and digital rendering services
  • Code analysis and reporting services
  • Assistance with permitting processes with local authorities for all construction projects
  • Furniture procurement services
  • Assistance with liquor license application packages
  • Project management consultation services

We are innovative, practical and prepared.  Building solutions is what we do.


A collaborative, inclusive, and rigorous process of design and delivery makes our projects successful at MGBA.  Our entire collective team – MGBA members and its consultants, contractors and our clients – is involved in project evaluation and execution.  Involvement of our client with continual project and design communication throughout the design and delivery process is what sets our approach apart from the typical industry standard.  This global team integration and involvement is key and is applied to all phases of the project, from programming and design right through to construction.

In terms of internal team selection for each project, MGBA’s approach is to break the overall project into sequential components tasks and assign appropriate resources – our talented staff – to each task.  All assigned MGBA staff will remain with the project from its start to its completion. Each project is assigned a Principal-in-Charge as well as a central Project Manager. The Project Manager acts as the key point of contact for the client, consultants, local authority and general contractor. The Principal-in-Charge is involved in the project as a key resource for leadership and project experience and is present for major presentations to the client group as required.

The Project Manager leads this wider team of staff working on the project, including Architects, Interior Designers and Building Technologists. Depending upon the phase of the project, the team can be as narrow as just the Project Manager, or as wide as 4 to 5 individuals, including the Principal‐in-Charge, Interior Designers and Technologists.  Using the Project Manager as a single point of contact for the project gives our clients a service experience with predictability, accountability and continuity.

MGBA’s extensive experience in using this strategy has helped us deliver successful projects in all sectors we work in: Residential, Mixed-use, Industrial, Institutional, Hospitality, Commercial and Retail projects alike.

Commitment to Sustainability

Long story short, we believe that the environment we author projects within is just as important as any other stakeholder we consult in our architecture practice. Driven by both client needs and our own sense of responsibility, we begin every project with an eye to sustainability.

We take pride in our ability to assist in the distillation of a sustainable strategy to project delivery, whether driven by the goal of LEED Certification or simply a desire to pursue the financial and environmental benefits of a sustainable approach.

Company History

Mallen Gowing Berzins
Architecture Incorporated

300 – 7 East 6 Ave
Vancouver, BC
tel: 604.484.8285

101 – 1725 Government St
Victoria, BC
tel: 250.388.3844