Meier 204

Located in Maple Ridge, BC, this project encompassed a highly involved site study and planning exercise in order to produce massing and layout options for a dense residential development in the heart of Maple Ridge. Bringing together commercial and residential opportunities to comprise an innovative form of urban village, this massing study helped convey possibilities of the sites unique characteristics which could be amplified by careful configuration of the built environment.

Project Gallery:

Sharpe Residence

Set within a sloping site and arranged over three storeys to take advantage of expansive views, Sharpe House is a unique synthesis of West Coast and Arts & Crafts traditions.  The massing has been developed with varying roof forms that emphasise and reinforce views and dramatic interior relationships.

The use of dominant heavy timber and traditional framing, unified with a dramatic system of steel interior bridges and stair structures emphasise connections and relationships between the various public and private uses and the expansive central space.

Kerr Residence

The Kerr Residences is a collection of work developed both on the privately owned Zephyr Island and along the adjacent shore of Lake of Bays in Ontario’s Muskoka Region.

Intended to address flexible family and guest needs, this project was designed to respond to the owner’s focus on Craftsman design cues and a preoccupation with word-working techniques based on boat-building and Japanese traditions. The project involved the integration of several individual buildings into a cohesive whole.